Enjoy Eden Hazard while you can lest Real Madrid land their man | Daniel Taylor

Chelsea should try to keep the Belgian but the Spanish giants usually get their targets. At least Hazard is lighting up the Premier League for one more season

They don’t bother putting stars on Real Madrid’s shirt to signify all the times they have accumulated the sport’s most coveted trophies. For other clubs, those stars take the form of a status symbol. At Madrid, though, they go by the theory that all they need is their club badge to signify football royalty. No stars necessary – which is just as well because they would need to find space for their own constellation to reflect what makes them different to the rest.

In total, they have had the European Cup in their possession on 13 occasions, including four of the previous five seasons. Milan are next on the list with seven wins and then it is Barcelona, Liverpool and Bayern Munich on five. Ajax are even further back, on four, with Manchester United and Internazionale little more than a speck in the distance, on three apiece. Madrid might have their faults, they might be arrogant off the scale, permanently riven with politics and difficult sometimes to love, but their captain, Sergio Ramos, summed it up neatly. “When you put on this shirt, you know you’ve arrived at the very top,” Ramos said. “There is no greater honour.”

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