England’s Chris Robshaw relishes the chance to do things a little differently | Robert Kitson

Innovations such as prison visits and live scrummaging are providing the former captain with food for thought as he gets ready for the autumn programme

Chris Robshaw has been to a few dark places during his Test career but nothing to match his visit to a maximum security prison in Argentina earlier this year. The most fired-up Pumas team at Twickenham this weekend will still be less intimidating than the seriously tough hombres encountered in June by Robshaw and some other England colleagues.

Even walking into a South American jail was an eye-opener for Robshaw and his team-mates. “It was a pretty daunting experience going in, and we weren’t sure what to expect,” he said. “There were guys in there for all sorts. As you go through the barriers – the first one, the second then the third – and see the dogs on leashes and guards with machine guns, you’re thinking: ‘I don’t know if we should be in here.’”

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