England’s and Australia’s nerves to be tested by evening-session spookiness

Adelaide’s first day/night Ashes Test will see cricket work in reverse of the usual horror movie rules – it’s when the lights come on that batsmen get jittery

Adelaide, then, and a second Test that, after all the distractions, seems to have come around quicker than Cameron Bancroft after Jonny Bairstow’s hello. England are 1-0 down but have some hope. Their fans should relish the sensation, because if the team lose it will likely be the last time they feel it in an Ashes until Australia come over in 2019.

The second Test tends to be the point at which a series pivots. In Australia, since the war, neither side have lost the second Test and gone on to win the series. And even Ben Stokes, who has just landed in New Zealand, cape ready in his kit bag just in case he gets the all-clear, will not be able to turn it around if England are heading to Perth 2-0 behind.

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