England v Sri Lanka: Women’s World Twenty20 cricket — live!

Cracking day yesterday to begin the comp. In case you missed it, Indian captain Harmanpreet Kaur walked in with her side 40-3 at the end of the power play and smashed a ton that included eight sixes. No team struck eight sixes in the entirety of this tournament in 2016, she did so in about 45 minutes. Her last 100 runs were tallied in 36 balls. Phwoar. New Zealand fell well short in the chase and now will require results to really go their way in order to make the semi-finals.

Australia picked apart Pakistan in the middle game, racking up 165 and defending it without so much as breaking a sweat. That’s the tenth T20 win on the trot for the top-ranked side in the tournament. They’re feeling good and looking ominous.

To begin, and given the ridiculous storm I’m seeing in front of me now, take this in the spirit that it is relayed. Rain would need to completely stop by 3:57pm (45 minutes from now) and not begin again in order to give the ground staff enough time to clean it up for that aforementioned 6:27pm start. So, we might not be waiting around so long after all.

This is far more important: if there are no games in St Lucia between now and the 18th when the final pair of matches are scheduled... ENGLAND WILL GO THROUGH! As the second seed in this pool (West Indies are top as defending champs), they would get out of the group. Get that ticker tape ready, book Trafalgar Square, etc.

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