England v Sri Lanka: third Test, day five – live!

Not to be outdone by Gary Naylor, Rob Wilson has a point to make. “Dear Tim, I do love the last day of a Lord’s Test match. No matter how sunny, glamorous or nailbiting, there’s always a faint tang of melancholy and a consciousness of the absurd brevity of life. It is, in fact, exactly the same as a champagne hangover.” I’ll have to take your word for that, Rob. But spot on about the melancholy.

Naylor has a point there. Reverse concessions: charge the pensioners more! This could catch on. The age group most likely to go the theatre is the 65-to-74-year-olds: shouldn’t they be subsidising the millennials, rather than the other way round? And Test crowds these days are not unlike theatre audiences, albeit with more alcohol and superhero costumes.

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