England v South Africa: second Test, day three – live!

32nd over: South Africa 101-1 (Elgar 56, Amla 31) This is turning into an episode of Grumpy Old Men, starring Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson. Hard to blame them, as Nasser says on Sky, because they’ve done almost everything right this morning. They dismissed Amla but didn’t review, and could have got Elgar on a number of occasions.

“Hi Rob,” says Felix Wood. “Yesterday you opined that England’s problem is too many all-rounders. While I agree that seems to be the case at the moment, it needn’t be in the future, even with the same players. I’m sure KP, Steve Smith, Stuart Broad and the like have no problem with deciding to stick to one discipline. Isn’t the problem that short form cricket needs more all round type players, so youngsters spend their time training 50/50? Stokes should pick batting and be good for picking up overs, not be first change. Even Flintoff accepted that being an amazing bowler who would occasionally contribute with the bat was better than someone who could do a little bit of both.”

31st over: South Africa 99-1 (Elgar 55, Amla 30) Amla scorches a poor delivery from Anderson through the covers for four. We’re entering Angry Anderson territory, with Jimmy kicking the ground in disgust.

“Where does this England team fit in the general scheme of things?” asks Phil Withall. “The majority of the time it seems they need two or three players to perform above their expected level to get a result. If the team as a whole perfoms at their expected level they seem to struggle. On a lighter note. I went shopping today and it totaled $22.22, I laughed, Richie probably laughed, no one else got it.”

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