England v South Africa: first Test – live!

52nd over: England 182-4 (Root 79, Stokes 52) Now Stokes does reach 50, with a standard-issue clip off his toes on the legside for two off De Bruyn. A single and an aggressively-run two complete the over. Root takes a slight knock on the quad which he emotes over sufficiently to see the clock past 3.40, and that’s tea. “Could I just say that Peter Salmon’s recent interjection [Salmon, P.; Over 46] is precisely the reason I read this OBO. But I imagine he knew that already,” smiles Anthony Pease.

51st over: England 177-4 (Root 77, Stokes 49) Root rings in the 100 partnership with another flick through the legside, for two - that’s been a profitable area for him today. Morkel comes back with a lovely outswinger past Root’s dangled bat. Maybe time for two more overs before tea, but you wouldn’t bet heavily on it.

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