England v Scotland: Euro 2017 – live!

The other two teams in Group D have just completed their opener – it was another big derby between Spain and Portugal, and Spain took it 2-0 with a pair of first-half strikes! Vicky Losada and Amanda Sampredo were on target.

Is this the year England win a major senior tournament? Is this the year Scotland win a major senior tournament? We might have a better idea in two or three hours’ time; as openers for these sides go it couldn’t get any spicier and, while England are clear favourites against the debutants, there is something about this rivalry that makes for a great leveller – as the men’s sides showed us in Glasgow last month.

So buckle up. It’s been a fascinating start to Euro 2017, inasmuch as we seem to be in for a fairly well-balanced tournament with the minnows competing admirably. What we could do with now, on day four, is a rattling good ding-dong of a fixture that really gets those with a passing interest talking. England seem minded to provide one and have even gone as far as watching clips of Braveheart to get into their opponents’ psyche; Scotland, in their first major tournament since the non-UEFA affiliated European Competition for Women’s Football in 1989, need no motivation at all to give this one a go and they have the tools to cause some genuine bother.

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