England v Pakistan: fourth Test, day two – live!

12th over: Pakistan 34-1 (Azhar 11, Yasir 17) These two exchange singles before Yasir punches Broad beautifully through midwicket – he’s driven him, basically – for four. Graeme Thorn suggests that with so many overs unbowled, teams should be forced to return for a SIXTH day, tongue poking cheek (both his, I should add). I’m all for that: if you had bits left over from the working week, you’d come in for the weekend would you not? Or at the very least take it home with you. I’m not totally against Stuart Broad taking a 60-over-old Dukes ball how with him and pounding up and down his garden for 20-minutes, with the 10 o’clock news in the background.

11th over: Pakistan 28-1 (Azhar 10, Yasir 12) A maiden from Anderson. Both he and Broad have spoken about how when one is on the cusp of a good day, the other just needs to keep things tight. And Anderson has done just that. To John Starbuck: “On TMS they have been tacking the evergreen slow over-rates problem. Top of the solutions list are...

1) Awarding the batting side five runs for every over under the required 30 per session
2) Deducting a fielder each session for the same crime (reinstated when the over rate comes back to par)
3) Forcing the fielding side to play in their pants, a la the missing PE kit punishment.

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