England v Pakistan: fourth Test, day one – live!

Patrick Duce writes: “Never one to enjoy bringing in praise of our brothers from across the divide (football), but I did enjoy Guardian’s piece around “How to Speak the Language of Football” by Adam Hurrey. Surely with threat of covers looming over us, we can bring together a pretty good list of the quirkiest cricket-isms from fellow OBOers?”

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“Hi Dan.” Hi, Graham O’Reilly. “Hoping for a cracking day here on the OBO. To that end, can I make a request ? That we forget entirely about the Test rankings ? That if x beats y but q draws with k and b beats z then x might creep above q by 0.25 of a ranking whisker .... I DON’T CARE ! There’s a Test on here. Two fine sides going toe to toe. It’s going to be a great contest. Isn’t that enough?”

That’s a fair enough point – all Test series are essentially friendlies so should be enjoyed in isolation. But a lot of people will feel there’s some kudos in being officially and ostensibly better than everyone else. Personally I think holding all the bilateral belts would be a greater achievement.

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