England v France: Six Nations – live!

2 min Uini Atonio is 6’6” and well over 24 stone. And Vahaamahina is behind him. Good lord.

Wales’s Matt Dony is with us. “Such happy memories of 2005. A Welsh Grand Slam (including THAT Henson penalty), the Ashes, and Istanbul. Oh yeah, and I got married. As I’m refusing to acknowledge any football has taken place, I’m investing everything in another upset here. Scotland showed the way against one favourite. Now come on France!”

Owen Farrell kicks off and Vakatawa takes on his 22. Back to Lopez and he clears to Hughes, who comes flying into the line at pace. Launchbury takes it on and Hughes has another look, 30 metres out. Youngs then throws a poor pass to his No8 who can’t take it off his bootlaces. Scrum France midway inside their own half.

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