England set South Africa 380 to win final Test and tie series – live!

4th over: South Africa 10-1 (Kuhn 5, Amla 0) - target 380 “Joyous OBO so far,” writes Jack Pearce. “In response to Amod’s quizzing of your pessimism (which is entirely shared by myself). Two words; Murphy’s Law. We’ve seen it before and jinxed it enough times too (can the OBO be blamed for jinxing?) Should be straightforward enough, sure, two days of play to get 10 wickets? But….. WHAT CAN GO WRONG WILL GO WRONG”

At the risk of tempting fate, Broad does look on one here. With the pitch having been juiced up a little it’s doing plenty, and he displays that by getting one to rear from a length that strikes Elgar on the bicep. And then, gone: another, slightly fuller, bounces and shapes away, and Bairstow takes a regulation one

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