England seeking a box office display to beat All Blacks’ A-listers | Robert Kitson

If Eddie Jones can conjure victory over New Zealand it would be a win of epic proportions and worthy of a blockbuster movie

Plans are still afoot to make a feature film of Eddie Jones’s finest tactical masterclasses. Even Saturday’s Twickenham blockbuster cannot hope to match Japan’s 2015 Rugby World Cup win over South Africa, the Brighton-based thriller starring England’s current coach. Not since Jaws, the posters will proclaim, has there been a movie based on a more shocking seaside outcome.

Maybe that is why Jones went for a cinematic metaphor before New Zealand’s long-anticipated visit to English rugby’s colosseum. History, he believes, is full of teams so dazzled by the All Blacks’ aura they might as well have sat in the stalls. “They eat popcorn, have a can of Pepsi and they watch the movie. By the time they realise ‘we can be in this’, it’s too late. We don’t want to sit there and watch, because that’s what happens when you play New Zealand sometimes. We want to make the movie, we want to be film directors.”

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