Ellyse Perry’s excellence prompts debate over future of women’s Test cricket | Geoff Lemon

There is an understanding Tests matter and if that is the case, blocking one gender from participating is ethically unjustifiable

Double centuries creep up on you. The first hundred, and you think the player is done. They often feel the same, hence Mark Waugh’s career. From 70 to 100 is a gulf, 100 to 130 is an addendum. The 150 milestone feels kind of token. OK, I’ll clap. Then in the upper 170s, you abruptly realise – wait. This is on.

So it was with Ellyse Perry last weekend at North Sydney Oval. It had been all patience, no alarms. Then wickets began to fall, the ninth with her on 192. Tension ratcheted up. Megan Schutt hung in. On 194, everyone visited the fence bar midwicket. Perry went over her, celebrating as the crowd called six. The umpires called four. Groans. Nerves. Try again. A drive dead straight down the ground. Four.

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