Eli Manning’s messy downfall a symbol of turbulent times for Giants and NFL

The quarterback has never reached the heights of his older brother Peyton but he was a familiar and reassuring presence in New York

This wasn’t how it was supposed to end for Eli Manning. Unceremoniously benched on a Tuesday afternoon in late November after 14 years with the Giants. There’s no good or “ceremonious” way to be benched, of course. Eli’s older brother Peyton’s career concluded in storybook fashion as a Super Bowl champion and that kind of ending was not on the cards for Eli with a Giants team that at 2-9 is nowhere near being a contender any time soon.  

But Eli’s Giants career definitely wasn’t supposed to end like this, cast aside by a failed head coach who will almost certainly be fired at season’s end, and replaced by a quarterback who washed out three years ago with the Jets, the Giants’ dopey little brother. The Eli to their Peyton, if you want to be especially cruel.  

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