Dillian Whyte reawakens career after sleeping through his moment on plane

Brother Dean was the hero of the hour on flight to Saudi Arabia but heavyweight aims to make his mark on return to the ring

Dillian Whyte was fast asleep when a passenger had a panic attack and tried to open the emergency door on his BA flight to Saudi Arabia earlier this week. But it is typical of the heavyweight that when he woke up and discovered his brother Dean had intervened to stop the dramatic incident he wished he had got involved.

“I didn’t know what Dean had done,” he said. “I was asleep. I’d trained and jumped on the plane so I was a bit tired. When I woke up I heard all about it. I was disappointed he didn’t hit the guy, I would have just knocked him out, to be honest, because that’s no joking matter. My brother gave him a chance but I would have knocked him out clean. I probably would have hit him on the floor as well.”

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