Did a trip to a London cricket ground inspire Real Madrid to wear all-white?

The legend says Arthur Johnson, a key figure in the club’s history, suggested a white kit after watching football at The Oval, but there are competing theories

By Nick Miller for The Nightwatchman, of the Guardian Sport Network

The yarn, as is often the case, is an excellent one. The story goes that the founders of Real Madrid – that famous old football club whose white shirts are perhaps the most identifiable outfits in European sport – were inspired to choose their pristine image by an afternoon at The Oval. Alas, they weren’t great admirers of WG Grace or inspired by an SF Barnes cutter. But supposedly, just before the club was established in 1902, two of Real’s founders were in London and watched Corinthian, the old association football side known for their gentlemanly spirit, play at the Kennington ground. So impressed were they by the sportsmanship and dignity on show, that they took the team’s white shirts as their own.

But again, as is often the case, the tale isn’t quite as we would like it. Well, possibly not.

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