Der Spiegel’s email leaks more evidence that elite will never be satisfied

Leaked internal messages about formation of European super league show again the insatiable desire to consolidate power and resources among Europe’s richest teams

The principal revelation about top clubs’ recent moves to form some kind of European super league, gleaned from the oceans of internal emails revealed by Der Spiegel, is how advanced the manoeuvres were in 2016. According to the emails, which the Observer has not seen or been able to verify, Bayern Munich in particular were seriously contemplating the commercial bonanza of an elite league and examining the sporting and legal complexities of forming it.

Uefa headed off that breakaway threat by agreeing tweaks to Champions League qualification and financial distributions, which run from this season’s competition until 2020-21. The principal changes made were not ultimately revolutionary, despite the clubs’ apparent exploration, led by Bayern, of breaking away completely from European football’s governing body and even from national associations.

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