Denial and depression: recovering from long-term injury isn’t just about the body | Amy Lawrence

Dr Misia Gervis, a leading sports psychologist who works at QPR, says support would benefit footballers in overcoming the mental side of long-term injury

While the majority of Premier League footballers are switching off on holidays that perhaps do not feel long enough given the fast approaching summer tours, for some the break seems to be interminable. The long-term injured always seem to be in a different zone, operating in a different space, to the rest of the squad. Séamus Coleman only last week got a break from the slog of rehab at Finch Farm. He and Yannick Bolasie, his fellow Evertonian recovering from serious injury, will also be back with the physios at the training ground before the rest of the squad are expected to report for pre?season. There is not much respite on the long road back to fitness.

Across the country others are in a similarly tough boat. The list of players trying to navigate their way back from a leg break, a cruciate tear, or some such other nightmare includes Santi Cazorla at Arsenal, Callum Wilson at Bournemouth, Ilkay Gündogan at Manchester City, Érik Lamela at Tottenham, Mauro Zárate at Watford.

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