Dele Alli double rocks Real Madrid for historic Tottenham victory

To put this result in perspective, it had been five years since Real Madrid last experienced what it was like to lose a Champions League group game. They had won this competition three times out of the last four seasons and, though it didn’t particularly feel that way here, don’t discount the possibility of that famous old pot returning to the Bernabeu again next May. Not yet, anyway.

However, this was the night when the most successful club side in Europe found out the hard way why Mauricio Pochettino and his players have attracted so much acclaim over the last few years. It was the night Dele Alli nutmegged Sergio Ramos and, by the end, Cristiano Ronaldo could be seen dragging his fingers down his cheeks in frustration. For Spurs, it went better than they could possibly have dared to hope and, without exaggeration, sparked the sort of euphoria that should embolden them now to think they can actually win this competition. Yes, let’s not get carried away, but what other conclusion is there when they have taken apart the 12-time winners? “It wasn’t that we played badly,” Zinedine Zidane, Madrid’s manager, said, “we just came up against the better team.”

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