David White says he was ‘petrified to spill the beans’ over football sexual abuse

• England player feared negative reaction from fans, managers and team-mates
• White: ‘I shudder to think how many other kids were left alone and afraid’

David White, the one-time England international, has talked about football operating in a “climate of fear, secrecy and ignorance” during the years when he was sexually abused and confessed that he dreads to think how many other boys suffered alone because of the “culture of shame and silence”.

White, best remembered for his playing days at Manchester City from 1985–93, is urging other victims to come forward after opening up about his own ordeal in a new book, Shades of Blue, where he reveals the harrowing events that left him a “completely different boy, with my confidence shattered, my trust betrayed and my innocence stolen”.

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