David Squires on … becoming a football cartoonist

In an extract from his new book, David recalls his early career steps – including making Steve McMahon look like Paul Daniels

The first football cartoon I can remember drawing was in 1984, when I was nine years old. It was the day before the FA Cup final, a Friday school afternoon in May. I don’t recall what the weather was doing, but let’s say it was sunny, for atmosphere. Perhaps sensing an opportunity for a quiet end to the week, my teacher set the class a short assignment: we each had to create an imaginary football club, including team name, badge, kit and players. It was the first season I’d really got into football, but by this stage I was already so obsessed that my parents had begun to gently suggest I might occasionally like to read about, think about or talk about other subjects. This, then, was the perfect creative task for me.

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