David Moyes accepting of what he cannot change with West Ham’s squad

The former Everton manager is keen to re-employ the methods which worked well for him through much of his 11-year spell in charge at Goodison Park

David Moyes was hoping not to talk about Everton but the subject was difficult to avoid before his latest return to Goodison Park. “I’ll tell you this one,” West Ham’s manager said as his mind drifted back to the final day of the winter transfer window in 2013. “It was my last year. I think Everton were a striker short of being top four. You were still needing somewhere like £10m or £15m to get a top striker. We had £1m left. Tony Henry, who’s here, was involved in it, probably more so than anybody. He says: ‘There’s a boy at Barnsley who’s not bad.’”

John Stones was the boy in question and instead of getting that top striker Moyes’s final signing for Everton ended up being a young centre-back from Barnsley who joined for £500,000 and left for £47.5m to Manchester City two and a half years later. That was often how it had to be for Moyes during his 11 years at the club and the point behind the story was that there were plenty of times when all that scrimping and saving forced him to be more creative in the transfer market. “It focuses you differently,” he said. “You have to find a way of getting a talent which might go on.”

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