David Ginola’s election publicity stunt just adds to the Fifa stench

Ginola is happy to make an elegant fool of himself for a bookmaker’s publicity stunt but we must not go along with it

They start knocking on doors soon in the campaign for Mark Berry to become the next MP for Salford and Eccles. You might know him better as Bez, one-time freaky-dancer from the Happy Mondays, but these days the maracas are down and he is trying to make his way into politics. “Join the Revolution” is his campaign motto, and he may actually be on to something. “I’m going to create a new world order and start again with a new fairer system without evil being the main policy.”

OK, it isn’t easy to think of Bez, the wild-eyed symbol of Madchester’s ecstasy-popping heyday, hear-hearing in the House of Commons. But he does have his policies in place. He is against fracking, he wants free public transport, free food and drinking water, and just a bit more love in the world. His supporters were given bottles of frack-free ale when the first campaign poster for the Reality Party went up on the side of an off licence the other day. And it looks like the Electoral Commission has accepted his reasons for forgetting to register a new name (apparently his original choice was too close to the Realists’ Party). If you remember his band, there were always going to be a few teething issues. Shaun Ryder, the band’s singer, once popped out saying he was going to fetch some Kentucky Fried Chicken; they didn’t see him again for years.

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