Dare anyone tear their gaze from the Ryan brothers’ football megalomania?

The Buffalo Bills now employ two coaches who are completely free of self-awareness. The coming season should be very entertaining

It’s a rare treat in sports to know before a season starts that one team will be worth your attention. Last football season, for example, no one knew the Carolina Panthers would transform from a laughable 7-8-1 division champion to a 15-1 powerhouse that provided domination and dabs from Week 1 all the way through the conference title game. The Golden State Warriors are defending NBA champs, but who guessed even a championship would lead to 73-9 and YouTube star circus shots night after night? These things are are impossible to predict.

Well, nearly impossible. While the opening of training camps is still more than six weeks away and the start of the regular season more than three months off, we can say with certainty that the 2016 Buffalo Bills are a team you won’t want to miss even if they’re mostly irrelevant again in the championship picture.

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