Danny McGuire: ‘My lad is conflicted. He still wears his Leeds hat to school’

The Leeds legend is reinvigorated at Hull KR and looking forward to the new Super League season even if his son is finding it harder to switch allegiances

For the first time in almost two decades there is an unusual sense of pressure on Danny McGuire’s shoulders. One of the most successful players in Super League history, his 20-year association with his hometown club, Leeds, coincided with one of the most dominant periods of the game in recent history. Now, aged 35, he starts a season with a club whose last Super League season ended in relegation via the 2016 Million Pound Game.

Since joining the Rhinos at the age of 12 McGuire had known nothing else. His early years with the club were lean and character-forming but in the next 15 eight Grand Final victories followed. No club has won more – nor will they for quite some time, even if Leeds stop here.

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