Daniel Ricciardo sets F1 pulses racing with masterclass in China Grand Prix| Giles Richards

The Australian showed touches of real quality to win in Shanghai but Max Verstappen is still making mistakes

Daniel Ricciardo’s skill at overtaking was never in doubt but his remarkable performance in China was confirmation of just how far he is willing to go. “I know what I can do in the car,” he said before the Australian Grand Prix. “Even if there is a 10% possibility then I am going to do it.” He made good on this promise with aplomb in Shanghai. His pass on Lewis Hamilton was a perfect combination of timing and late-braking but the move on Valtteri Bottas was something else. Ricciardo knew the win was within his grasp but where other drivers may have been more circumspect the Australian wanted to use his tyre advantage while he had it. He committed into turn four up the inside, a racer’s manoeuvre if ever there was one. Bottas was skilful and professional in giving him room but as he had said, Ricciardo knew exactly what he could do in the car.

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