Crystal Palace: the Premier League team who are better away from home

Crystal Palace were the only team in the league who won most of their points from away games – and this is not a new trend

By Richard Foster, author of The Agony and the Ecstasy

When commentators describe Selhurst Park as “a fortress”, Crystal Palace fans start trembling. Lifelong fan, comedian and writer Kevin Day sums it up thus: “These days when people refer to ‘Fortress Selhurst’, you don’t know whether they are being ironic or not – there aren’t many fans who pray for an away draw in the FA Cup.” The ground may look like a fortress – it was built in 1925 and is crumbling like a medieval castle in places – but, unlike any other team in the Premier League this season, Palace picked up more points on their travels.

The raucous and united crowd at Palace played into the fortress analogy, but that has dissipated in the last few years as expectations have grown with each successive season in the top flight. Perhaps the club are victims of their own success, with a sense of ennui in the crowd creating an air of negativity at home games.

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