Cristiano Ronaldo can draw line under superstar era with international record | Barney Ronay

Cristiano Ronaldo has Ali Daei’s unheralded milestone in sight, which would suitably crown a unique type of brilliance

Famously, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il only ever played one game of golf. In 1994 state media reported Kim had picked up a club for the first time at the country’s only golf course. Happily he took to the sport instantly, completing his debut round in a world-record 38 under par with 11 holes in one. At which point he announced he was retiring from golf and would never play again.

It is of course a terrible blow for golf to lose such a talent, and tantalising to imagine just how good the Supreme Commander Of The People’s Army could have become. Worse, there is no recording of the round, just the sworn testimony of his 17 bodyguards that it definitely, like, happened. Plus of course Kim had a wide brief of other interests to cram in, among these composing six full opera scores, all of which are, according to state records, “better than any other in history”.

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