County cricket talking points: six questions before the new season

Essex are defending champions and Middlesex are aiming to return to the top flight. Will we witness an historic summer?

By Gary Naylor for the 99.94 Cricket Blog

Apart from 1947’s Denis Compton inspired sun-soaked, run-soaked season, perhaps every spring has brought forth the doomsayers reading the demise of the game in the auguries. But the pigeons will still assemble on The Oval’s square (now more a landing strip, stretching from one postcode to another) and the gulls will be on the lookout for chips to steal come Scarborough time, so all is well with the world – right? With yet more Twenty20 looming in 2020, the game needs visionaries at its helm, not beancounters talking about properties, reach and platforms. The fans who turn up to watch cricket in April are hardy souls, but the carapace of wool and Goretex may need supplementing by protection for the emotions too, as the Lyle Lanley types present shiny new updates of something we quite liked just the way it was.

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