Cornwall braced for defining moment in its sporting history | Robert Kitson

Council funding of £3m needs to be approved on Tuesday so the wheels can turn on a multi-purpose Stadium for Cornwall

Amid the onrushing tide of worrying world news stories, the outcome of a 123-person vote in Truro’s county hall might seem relatively trivial. If you live in Cornwall or have the faintest interest in the growth of professional club rugby union, however, Tuesday is as defining a moment as any in the county’s sporting history.

No pressure on Cornwall’s councillors but the decision on whether or not to approve council funding for the proposed new Stadium for Cornwall goes way beyond sport. If you had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to boost your local region’s economy, offer hope to those young athletes not destined to become world-class surfers or sailors and create a lasting community legacy, would you grasp it? Or would you take the view that public money allocated for development is better spent on something other than a shiny ballpark which may never host sustainable top-tier football or rugby?

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