Colombia put trust in Juan Quintero to be chief threat against England

José Pekerman, the Colombia coach, plots way of coping if James Rodríguez fails to be fit for Tuesday’s last-16 match

The look in José Pekerman’s baffled pinched eyes said it all. Colombia had just made history by qualifying for consecutive World Cup knockout stages for their first time, but the worry creased across the coach’s furrowed brow when asked about the extent of James Rodríguez’s latest injury was plain to see.

“I’m very concerned, it’s very worrying,” the 68-year-old Argentinian confessed after Colombia’s 1-0 win over Senegal in which Rodríguez had to depart the field with a frustrated thumping of the turf just 31 minutes in. “It’s a very difficult situation for us. I don’t know where he stands right now. I can’t say any more because I just don’t know.”

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