Claude Puel a victim of Southampton’s admirably unreasonable expectations | Paul Doyle

Finishing eighth in the Premier League and reaching a cup final is hardly a failure but Southampton want their managers to be close to supernatural rather than merely good and Puel’s failure to connect also cost him

Southampton’s sacking of Claude Puel is not entirely fair on the Frenchman but the club reckon they could do better, which, in the Premier League, is fair enough. There is no guarantee that Southampton’s next manager will do as well as Puel did but the club’s rulers have decided, ruthlessly and with a boldness born of their strong record, to try to find a manager who will rise to the formidable challenge of guiding the team higher and generating a happier buzz around the place. It will be some trick if Southampton pull it off again. Especially if they sell key players. Again.

Nigel Adkins would disagree but there is entertainment to be had in the way Southampton strive to find better managers even at the risk of making fools of themselves, demanding that gaffers be close to supernatural rather than merely good. And to think people say they lack ambition.

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