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Today: Arsène Wenger, Bernabéu-shaped coffins and Pablo Zabaleta’s big wheel

After a long and bruising season in which he has endured unprecedented abuse from the stands and the skies, Arsène Wenger hovers on the brink of an extraordinary personal triumph. There he is, Arsenal’s longest-serving manager, just one more game and one more post-match press conference away from going an entire campaign without letting slip the slightest clue as to whether he will be on his throne next season. It is a daunting, wacky and deeply satisfying challenge that Wenger has set himself and he is tantalisingly close to completing it, like a bloke just 100 metres shy of Penzance harbour having circumnavigated the globe in a modified Dora the Explorer lunchbox. Come on Arsène, you can do it! One. Last. Hush.

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