Christian Wade’s exit hints at a future where only bulk will matter | Robert Kitson

Wasps’ elusive wing is heading for the US as rugby in England, for whom he won a single cap, gets ever more size-ist

People love rugby union for different reasons. Some relish the contact, the physical challenge, the survival-of-the-fittest mentality. Others cherish the ethos of unselfishness, the camaraderie and the dressing?room humour. Spending an entire 80 minutes with one’s head, for example, wedged between two large pairs of buttocks encourages a perspective about fellowship and sacrifice that few other sports can match.

What it has never been is a game for robots. Coaches like to talk about consistency and doing the basics but rugby’s real beauty ultimately lies in its quirks and uncertainties. The ball can bounce anywhere, it is not impossible for two ridiculously contrasting body shapes to find themselves in direct opposition. Size matters, of course, but so do evasiveness, trickery and imagination.

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