Chris Christie shares his joy at Cowboys’ victory with awkward group hug

Dallas clinched a playoff victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday – and the governor, a longtime Cowboys fan, went wild in the owner’s box

Professional sports have a way of prompting visible manifestations of fans’ most powerful emotions – despair, rage, exuberance. And stadium cameras capture even politicians in the ecstatic throes of fandom.

On the football field on Sunday night, the hometown Cowboys sealed a playoff victory over the Detroit Lions with a sack of quarterback Matt Stafford. In the owner’s box, New Jersey governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie leapt up and looked to deliver a happy double-high five with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Jones, however, was immediately distracted by his son, Stephen, the Cowboys’ 50-year-old executive vice-president, who hopped and screamed ebulliently a few inches from his father’s ear.

The Jerry Jones-Chris Christie hug/dance was pretty weird.

I cannot get enough. RT @TotesMcGotes: @TheFix

Is Chris Christie not allowed to hug people?

Jerry Jones & Chris Christie in a Bosom Buddies reboot. #chrisJerry80ssitcoms

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