Chess: Vishy Anand ambushes Russia’s world No 4 to win in five minutes

Former world champion shocked Ian Nepomniachtchi in the online Nations Cup, where unbeaten China are in the lead and have secured a place in Sunday’s final

India’s former world champion Vishy Anand stole the show at this week’s online Nations Cup as the 50-year-old veteran caught the world No 4, Ian Nepomniachtchi, with home prep and won in 17 moves as checkmate was imminent. The unsuspecting Russian blitzed out his replies until it was too late, and the entire fifth-round game was over in only five minutes.

China, meanwhile, remain the squad to beat in international team chess. Beijing’s elite players won both the open and women’s gold medals at the 190-nation Olympiad in 2018 and they have taken a clear lead in the online Nations Cup with grandmaster and computer move-by-move commentaries.

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