Chess: Magnus Carlsen hoping to reach new heights at Sinquefield Cup

Arithmetic seems against the world champion and he may have to wait until 2020 to achieve a record rating

After eight consecutive tournament victories and a run of 79 classical games without defeat Magnus Carlsen has his sights on 2900, the record round number of rating points with echoes of Mount Everest’s height of around 29,000ft. Norway’s world champion plays next at the $325,000 Sinquefield Cup at Saint Louis from 17-29 August, with his current rating, now 2882, equal to his previous official peak set in 2014.

Carlsen is in fantastic form, yet his chances of 2900 at Saint Louis look slim. His 8/11 total at Zagreb clocked up a performance rating of 2949 but raised his overall rating by only 10 points from 2872 to 2882, with 18 to go.

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