Chess: Armageddon divides fans while Magnus Carlsen leads again in Norway

Controversial speed format designed to prevent draws sparks a chaotic scramble at Altibox event and causes online uproar

Armageddon is a chess penalty shoot-out, a controversial format intended to prevent draws and to stimulate interesting play. It can also lead to chaotic scrambles where pieces fall off the board, players bang down their moves and hammer the clocks, and fractions of a second decide the result. That is what happened in Tuesday’s Levon Aronian v Alexander Grischuk game at Altibox Norway. The loser called it “among the top three most disappointing defeats in my life”.

In an Armageddon game, White has more thinking time on the clock than Black, but a draw on the board scores as a black win. Normally White has five or six minutes and Black four or five for the entire game, but in the current Altibox Norway tournament it is 10 against seven.

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