Chelsea v Manchester United: Premier League – live!

Try as I might, I’m struggling to see the tactical reasoning behind Ethan Ampadu being picked over David Luiz. Ethan Ampadu! David Luiz! A 17-year-old with one senior appearance to his name! Versus a 30-year-old Brazilian international and former European champion! Perhaps one of you can enlighten me.

Jose Mourinho is asked about Chelsea’s problems. “This is what happens in big clubs when you have one bad result. It is always big. Big clubs are used to it and they know how to react and that is what we did when we lost to Huddersfield. You have to respect big players, individual players and top opponents. I will be very happy if Chelsea doesn’t care about Lukaku, Marcus Rashford, Mkhitaryan, I will be very happy. We are going to try to win the match, but Hazard, Morata, Batshuayi, Willian, if we don’t respect these players we will be in trouble.”

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