Ched Evans website to be investigated over alleged identification of rape victim

CPS asked to consider criminal charges against people behind footballer’s website, which posted CCTV footage of victim

The attorney general has asked prosecutors to consider criminal charges against the individuals behind the Ched Evans website for allegedly identifying the woman he raped.

In CCTV footage posted on the website, which was set up by Evans’s family and friends in 2012 to protest his innocence, the victim is seen entering the hotel in Rhyl where she was later attacked. Clearly visible in the footage, with her face obscured, she is seen entering and leaving the hotel on the night of the attack. The footage, which was part of the material used in the criminal case against Evans, is posted under the headline: “Too Drunk to consent, too drunk to remember”. The site asks viewers to “judge for yourself” whether she looked drunk in the footage.

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