Ched Evans case shows law is an ass, not the clubs wanting to sign him

Campaigners calling for Ched Evans to be banned should protest at lenient rape sentencing rather than expecting football, of all things, to give a moral lead
Oldham delay decision over Ched Evans after outcry
David Conn: The victim must always be remembered

Controversially, it seems, I have more of a problem with rape sentencing than I do with the personnel decisions of Oldham Athletic football club. I think rape sentencing is far too lenient. Come to that, I think all manner of sentences are out of whack. Why in the name of sanity and proportion should smalltime “canoe man” insurance fiddler John Darwin have got six years when there are paedophiles who get three – or less?

I don’t see any petitions on rape sentencing, unfortunately – an absence that adds to a nagging sense about this latest chapter in the Great Outrage Wars: that clicktivism, and feminist clicktivism too often, is overly preoccupied with fighting the battles it can win relatively easily, rather than the much more ambitious ones it should try to win. Is it aspirational to want to live in a country where football – football! – is expected to mitigate the fact that the law is an ass? I know the longest journey starts with a single step, or whatever the puppy poster peeling off your dentist’s wall says., but the relentless focus on explaining why a footballer is not covered by the idea of paying his debt to society via the criminal justice system is both irrational and increasingly concerning.

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