Charlie McBride will pay part of fine for wrong-horse fiasco out of winnings

• Trainer had ‘fun bet’ of £10 each-way on 50-1 ‘winner’ at Yarmouth
• Disciplinary panel had ‘some difficulty’ in believing handler’s story

The trainer who embarrassed racing by saddling the wrong horse to victory at Yarmouth a fortnight ago has said he will use the proceeds of a bet on the ’winner’ to help pay his fine. Charlie McBride was fined £1,500 at a disciplinary panel hearing on Thursday, having told the panel he had had a “fun bet” of £10 each-way at 50-1.

“I’m still £1,000 out of pocket,” McBride said, cheerfully. “I’ve no complaints. I expected it to be something like that anyway, because of all the outcry in the press and everything. But it was an honest mistake and it could happen to anybody.”

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