Celtic’s Scottish title triumph should not be diminished by cold climax | Ewan Murray

They were the best team in Scotland during 2019-20 – by any reasonable barometer, their advantage over Rangers would have been pressed home

It has seemed impossible to decouple bitterness relating to Celtic’s title win from the reality of it being a perfectly valid outcome. Perhaps that was a useful byproduct for some of those immersed in the almighty row that recently engulfed the Scottish scene.

Celtic were the finest team in Scotland in 2019-20. The abbreviated season is surely a frustration for Neil Lennon and his players as outsiders look to diminish a ninth championship in succession. The sniping does not matter and how Celtic choose to celebrate is entirely up to them. There are of course deeper problems to ponder but a trophy retained by Monday morning Zoom call denies fans a moment in time. They will compensate for that as best they can.

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