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The power of exercise: can we run away from our problems?

Two avid runners explain how the endorphin kick helps untie the knots in our mindsAfter having a baby during lockdown, mum-of-three Sarah Tetteh badly needed to feel like herself again Continue reading…


‘I’ve got a dad bod – but I can’t blame the kids as I don’t have any’

Multiple lockdowns have taken their toll on Sam Dowler’s physique and on his intimacy with his partner, but having embraced exercise once again he’s starting to feel like his old selfI’ve always been a great believer in muscle memory, trusting my body …


‘To lose weight, I hatched a really bad plan’: how men hide their body-image issues

Over half of all men suffer from body insecurities, so why is it so hard for us to talk about them the way women do, asks Andrzej ?ukowskiWhen I started secondary school I was a bit on the tubby side.Other than a general aversion to competitive sports …


‘I ran a half marathon – leaky bladder and all’: a new mum’s battle with her post-baby body

Embracing the wetter, wilder side of exercise is nothing to be ashamed of, says a dedicated distance runnerThe last time I ran a half-marathon, it looked like I’d been down a log flume. My father had signed me up for the race while I was still eight mo…