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The perfect view of Gordon Banks’ greatest save | Brief letters

Gordon Banks | Lynton Crosby | Sleep disruption | MasturbationWhile popular opinion would have it that the save that Gordon Banks made at the 1970 World Cup was the greatest ever (Pelé leads tributes to ‘a goalkeeper with magic’, 13 February), I unders…


How sleep and jet-lag influences success in the travel-crazy NBA

NBA teams play 41 road games a season, often in different time zones. That can be especially tough for teams journeying westEven with schedule tweaks, NBA teams will spend more time at cruising altitude than teams in any other professional league. The …


Giving England players uppers and downers sounds like a sabotage plot

Whoever decided to give the team caffeine before a game and sleeping pills after it is guilty of ridiculous pop physiologyMaybe the biggest surprise about England’s players being doped with uppers and downers before a World Cup qualifier was that it wa…