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The evolution of football nutrition: from chocolate to ‘Kevin Carbonara’

Diets have changed a lot since Arsenal players ate Mars bars en route to matches – but bull testicles are still off the menuBy Richard Foster for the Guardian Sport NetworkWhen Arsène Wenger arrived in England in 1996 he was alarmed at the diet – or mo…


Pep Guardiola’s pizza ban could be the topping on a title for Manchester City

Much-loved post-match nosh may have helped motivate Leicester to win the Premier League but there is scant evidence it is of much nutritional value

Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez have a taste for it and Cristiano Ronaldo often digs into a slice after games. Claudio Ranieri used it as a motivation tool during Leicester City’s title win, bringing his squad to a local Italian restaurant following their first clean sheet of the season. But their success is not sufficient evidence for Pep Guardiola, because pizza will not pass the mouths of any Manchester City players this season.

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How sports science is changing the way the London Marathon is run

Better kit, better training and better nutrition are all playing a part in the faster finishing times now being recorded Continue reading…