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How NFL running back Justin Jackson became an unexpected star of the left

The Los Angeles Charger is focused on his game during the season. Beyond that, he dreams of a Bernie Sanders presidencyEven in an era of anthem protests and White House boycotts, there is something about Justin Jackson that feels like a new mold for th…


Will MLB’s battle with the minor leagues deal a blow to America’s heart?

Minor league baseball teams are at the heart of many communities in the US. So it’s is little wonder politicians of all stripes are willing to defend themAndy Shea, the president of the Lexington Legends, is the embodiment of the minor league baseball …


World Series champ Huff teaching sons to shoot in case of Sanders presidency

Former player says guns would be a ‘must’ under socialism42-year-old won two MLB titles with San Francisco Giants The former MLB player Aubrey Huff is taking Bernie Sanders’ run for White House very seriously, teaching his sons to shoot in case the Dem…


Bob Arum says he wants to promote Donald Trump v Bernie Sanders debate

  • Boxing promoter says he wants to promote Trump v Sanders debate
  • Idea first broached during Trump appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • Arum said 80% of proceeds ($20m at minimum) would go to charity

Veteran boxing promoter Bob Arum has offered to promote a possible debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

“It’s the debate of the century between two of the top pound for pound politicians in the country: Mr Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee and Senator Sanders, the Democratic candidate,” Arum said in a release issued Thursday. “We have two contenders ready, willing and able to go mano a mano over the most important issues facing the United States. And I am ready to promote it.”

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