Carlos Alberto and the goal that defined Brazil to the rest of the world

In a 2013 interview the right-back, who died last week, remembered his goal in the 1970 World Cup final – perhaps the greatest to be scored on the biggest stage

For someone to refer to themselves as captain three decades after they stopped playing would, on the face of it, seem a little absurd. But what if you’re the captain of perhaps the greatest team of all time and, although a right-back, can lay claim to scoring the most glorious goal in the history of the World Cup – a goal that has come to embody the apotheosis of team sport? If you were that man, surely you could call yourself whatever you damn well liked.

Carlos Alberto Torres, who died on Tuesday aged 72, was a born captain: authoritative yet charming and friendly, and an excellent communicator. He played in the shadow of his great friend Pelé for club and country almost his whole career, but there was never any debate over which of them was the captain.

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