Canelo Álvarez v Julio César Chávez Jr – live!

Round 5

Canelo is just walking Chávez down. A total mismatch. He moves Chávez backward with a weapons-grade overhand right, then closes the distance to keep Chávez in full retreat. He’s setting up his punches beautifully. Canelo is landing as many punches per round as Chávez is throwing, which is something.

Round 4

Chávez simply too slow. This is getting ugly. He lands a right but Canelo walks right through it and snaps Chávez’s head back with another combination. Double jab, triple jab. Huge cheers from the crowd as Canelo chases the bigger man around the ring. Canelo loads up on on a right uppercut that missed by centimeters. Can’t see Chávez, even with massive size advantage, sticking around for the full 12 rounds at this rate.

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